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We get questions all the time about managing, maintaining, and creating new opportunities with the websites we help build. The truth is, creating a website that works takes time and attention. There is no magic "if you build it they will come" switch. However, with a little effort and some tips from our team, you may just find some bliss in your web endeavors this year.

Below you will find Six Feet Up's guide to 12 months of web bliss. We will add a link to a new post every month so be sure to check back often and bookmark this page for reference throughout the year!

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Gather data

Know who is using your site and what they are looking at. Hook Google Analytics to your site. Install Google Webmaster Tools. Sign up for tools like (formerly SEO Moz) and StatCounter. Ready? Check out how to gather better data with January's web bliss tidbit!

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Early spring cleaning

Review your logs for error. Install tools like Sentry or New Relic for proactive problem notifications.

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Get ready for more traffic

Improve your site performance by turning on caching, using a CDN and/or optimizing your page loads.

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Focus on the user experience

Check your mobile stats: you may get more mobile traffic than you thought! Make your site responsive.

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Improve your SEO ranking

Canonicalize your URLs. Set up redirects when retiring pages.

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Drive visitors to your site(s)

Start an online editorial calendar. Post fresh content regularly. Use Hootsuite and Buffer to promote your content.

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Monitor and adjust

Monitor your uptime and response time using Pingdom (RUM is especially useful).

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Maintain your system

Check your database is packed regularly. Ensure your logs are rotated. Review your RAM and CPU usage.

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Ensure your web assets are truly backed up. Use tools like CrashPlan and Tarsnap. Test recovery.

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Check your resiliency

Try failing your site over regularly. Don't just take your tech team's word for it.

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Stay vigilant

Sign up for the security mailing lists for the software applications you use. Make sure you are running the latest vulnerability patches.

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Keep up

Get ready for the holidays. Sign up for and read our digests to stay up to date on web trends and tools.

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